Version: Smart Feature Phone 2.5

Submission Portal

To submit your app, visit the Submission Portal.

Reach out to once your Submitted App version is ready for official QA.

Post Submission

You can test your Submitted Application on any KaiOS phone that has KaiStore available on it.

  • Once you have submitted the “New App” app on the Submission Portal, click on 'Test Device'.
  • Enter the IMEI of your KaiOS device and after 5 minutes you will be able to view your app on the device KaiStore.
  • Test your app, and if you find any unusual behavior, fix the changes and upload the new version.

Once your app is ready for QA, let us know by emailing us at The QA time is 2-3 business days. Failure to inform us of your app submission may delay the QA process.

The KaiStore team reserves the right to reject your app under the following circumstances:

  • The above guidelines have not been followed.
  • The required materials have not been submitted or are incomplete.
  • Your app does not meet our quality threshold in areas such as 'Basic function', 'Interaction', 'Stability', as well as 'Compatibility'.