Version: Smart Feature Phone 3.0

Submission Guideline

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the KaiOS platform.

We hope you have read all the documentation on the portal. This will help you understand what is considered a qualified app for KaiOS and avoid your app being rejected.

Please have a look at our App Submission and Distribution Agreement which you would accept before you could submit your app.

Currently, we are only accepting apps that are monetized using KaiAds SDK. If you have any questions related to monetization, please reach out to us.

Kindly follow the guidelines to have your content in the KaiStore.

  1. Prepare an app manifest and a default lang manifest file e.g.manifest.en-US with the required fields.

  2. Please make sure the version number is different to 2.5 apps as it will have conflict within the store. For convenience please use 3 as a starting integer for 3.0 apps. e.g. 3.0.0

  3. If your app supports multiple languages, kindly add an extra lang manifest file e.g.manifest.en-US depending on the language.

  4. The app name should be relevant to the product. Generic app names such as wallpaper, ringtone, wallet, etc. are prohibited.

    • Include Subtitles and App Descriptions for the app.
    • Subtitle text limit - 40 characters (including white spaces), Description text limit - 220 characters (including white spaces).
    • short_name should not be longer than 12 characters.
  5. The type of your app in the manifest file.

    • PWA app will have PWA permission (no need to declare)
    • Package app will have Signed app permission (no need to declare)
  6. Apps are tested on a combination of 512MB and 256MB devices. We recommend that app performance is optimized for 256MB devices to reach our global audience. Learn more about improving the performance of your app through this article.

  7. Marketing Assets:

  8. Submit the apps to your target audience

    • Select OS version: 2.5.x series or 3.0.x series
    • Select device orientation: Portrait (default), Landscape, or Both
    • Select region: Global (by default)