Version: Smart Feature Phone 2.5



The BluetoothLeDeviceEvent interface of the Bluetooth API provides access to an LE device BluetoothDevice object and its RSSI value and advertisement record, as the parameter of a devicefound event handler (see BluetoothDiscoveryHandle.ondevicefound), when fired.

Interface overview#

interface BluetoothLeDeviceEvent : Event
readonly attribute BluetoothDevice? device;
readonly attribute short rssi;
[Throws] readonly attribute ArrayBuffer? scanRecord;


  • BluetoothLeDeviceEvent.device read-only no-link Returns a BluetoothDevice representing the discovered remote LE device.

  • BluetoothLeDeviceEvent.rssi read-only no-link Returns the RSSI value for the remote LE device as reported by the bluetooth hardware. The value is given as 0 if no RSSI value is available.

  • BluetoothLeDeviceEvent.scanRecord read-only no-link Returns an ArrayBuffer representing the content of the advertisement record offered by the remote LE device.