Ready to develop for KaiOS?

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the KaiOS platform.

Please have a look at our App Submission and Distribution Agreement which you would accept before you could submit your app.

Currently, we are prioritizing apps for QA that use KaiAds for monetization. You can visit KaiAds website to learn how you can integrate our KaiAds solution to your apps.

After you have integrated KaiAds, make sure you have followed these steps.

  1. We hope you have read all the documentation on this portal. This will help you understand what is considered a qualified app for KaiOS.

  2. We test your apps on 512MB as well has 256MB devices. We recommend you to optimize the performance of the apps so that you can reach our global audience. You can learn about improving the performance of your app through this article.

  3. Prepare an app manifest for the required fields. You cannot submit your app without a proper manifest so make sure you read this section carefully.

  4. In the app manifest file. Native app (zip file) should be of type "privileged" or "certified". Hosted app should be of type "web".

  5. If you have any comments for our QA team, you can mention them in “known issues” on the Submission Portal.

Once youʼve submitted your app, the KaiStore team will review your submission and inform you of the result. If you donʼt hear from us within three weeks, please contact our customer support team.