The simulator lets you run Gaia and Web apps in a Gecko-based environment somewhat similar to an actual device. It doesn't emulate device hardware, so it's not adequate for testing device APIs and it isn't a replacement for testing on actual hardware. It can, therefore, be useful during the development of your application, or while working on the application user interface itself. This article covers downloading of the simulator, as well as how to use it.


Launch KaiOS Runtime (Kaiosrt) app

Run Kaiosrt UI



Kaiosrt Logo

Create a new app

  1. With Kaiosrt opened, click on New App... on the left side

  2. Choose a template and name your project

  3. Name the project and select the folder to save it

New App

Install and run the app

  1. After app is created, click on the Install and run button (the play icon at the top of the Kaiosrt window)

Install and Run

  1. Kaiosrt will be updated as below

Hello World

Debugging runtime apps

Click on the Debug App button (the wrench icon at the top of the Kaiosrt window) and the console panel will show up below it

Debug App