Ready to develop for KaiOS?

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the KaiOS platform.

We look forward to receiving your application. As a first step, please carefully read the checklist below to ensure that your submission meets the KaiOS standards. Once you are familiar with the process and your access has been approved, you can follow these steps within the App Submission Portal.

  1. Make sure you have read all the documentation in this portal. This helps you understand what is considered a qualified app for KaiOS.
  2. Prepare an app manifest for the required fields. You cannot submit your app without a proper manifest so make sure you read this section carefully.
  3. Include known issues of your app with your app submission.
  4. Add your app’s test report in .txt format.
  5. If your app is a hosted app, include the hosted app URL.
  6. Agree to the "KaiOS Application Development Agreement" when you sign up in the App Submission Portal. Please contact us via our contact form under “Partnership opportunities” if you’d like to partner with us. We will review your proposal and send over our standard business terms.

Once you’ve submitted your app, the KaiStore team will review your submission and inform you of the result. In general, this process takes about two weeks.

The KaiStore team reserves the right to reject your app under the following circumstances:

  • The above steps have not been followed.
  • The required materials have not been submitted or are incomplete.
  • Your app does not meet our quality threshold in areas such as 'Basic function', 'Interaction', 'Stability', as well as 'Compatibility'.